Academic Personnel

Resources related to merits and promotions voting and policies/procedures are provided here.

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Human Resources & Payroll (CA&ES DiSSC)

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences provides a distributed shared service center called DiSSC to manage the Human Resource and Payroll functions for all departments and units within the college.  DiSSC employees are housed in the departments and units they serve so there is a human resources team physically present to address departmental needs.  DiSSC provides support for human resources and payroll services for staff and student positions.  Faculty will continue to work with their local academic personnel specialist for all academic needs.

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Accounting /Purchasing Resources

Financial resources such as account manager assignments and pre-purchasing system resources are available.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Food Chain

Standard operating procedures are intended to be used by Food Chain Administrative Cluster staff in providing services to the faculty, staff, and students in the supported departments. These are live documents, which are updated regularly.

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Teaching Assistant Resources

The Meyer Hall Teaching Assistant Facility in 1154 Meyer Hall is shared between the three CA&ES departments housed in Meyer Hall (Nutrition space is to the left when you enter; Animal Science straight ahead, and Environmental Toxicology to the back and left). Information regarding the space allocated for Animal Science and Nutrition is available online.

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Movement of Property Form

Campus policy is that any time university property is moved from one location to another (either within campus or to an off-site location), the person(s) moving the items must carry written authorization for the movement.   From the UCD Policy and Procedure Manual, Ch. 350, Sec. 70:

"Department heads must provide written authorization for movement or removal of University property, both inventorial and non-inventorial. Such authorization is to be furnished to the person physically moving or removing property with the understanding that this person will present the authorization, upon request, to a University police  officer."

Having a movement of property form on file is protection for you as an employee as it is the official record that you are authorized to move or remove university-owned equipment.

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