Web Services

In the Food Chain Admin cluster we provide a wide variety of web services including local website hosting, design, setup, and management. For all new websites we will use campus and cloud website services wherever possible (local IT staff will still manage the services for you, but the files may not be physically located on servers in our building). 

Our services include:

  • Web design and programming for administration, teaching, and outreach (large scale research, teaching, outreach, and special event web sites may incur a recharge)
  • New website development and project management
  • Site setup in the campus web content system SiteFarm.
  • Site setup in the campus Faculty Wordpress service with follow-up training for managing content independently
  • Limited assistance with back end database programming for administration
  • Limited assistance with graphic art and photography
  • Assistance with using cloud-based website resources and services such as Qualtrics, Google Analytics, and Google docs for web forms
  • Assistance with designing sites that are compliant with accessibility policies and which are responsive (display well on a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones)

Other services may be available in individual departments (contact one of your designated support team members for more information). 


For new website projects please email foodchainit@ucdavis.edu


Campus Web Policies