IT Services

The Food Chain Admin Cluster IT Team is here to assist the faculty, staff, and students in the departments of Animal Science and Nutrition with their research, teaching, and outreach computing needs. Our services fall into three main categories: 1) Desktop Support; 2) System/Network Administration; and 3) Web/Database Services.   


Desktop Support

  • IT equipment consultation, purchasing, and equipment tracking
  • IT equipment deployment, setup, repair, maintenance, and decommissioning
  • Software management (deployment, purchasing/licensing, updating/patching)
  • Audio/Visual equipment support
  • Poster printing
  • Assistance with using Campus IT resources such as e-mail, computing accounts, SmartSite, and  campus wireless

System/Network Administration

  • Infrastructure: Specify, procure, implement and manage infrastructure to facilitate communication, collaboration, and security. Our infrastructure services/resources include server storage for shared administrative files, backup of departmental servers, servers for remote access, management of antivirus clients and software patching/updating on clients, and secure server room space for rackmount servers.
  • Cyber-Safety compliance: Maintain compliance with campus cyber-safety policies for all cluster systems
  • System Administration: Manage configuration of centralized systems for controlling access, authentication, controlling computer deployment, configuration, and software installations/updates
  • Firewall services: Manage VLAN firewalls to protect cluster systems connected to our wired network.
  • Network management: IP Address management, network access, secure remote access 

Web/Database Services

  • Website hosting
  • Web design and programming for administration, teaching, and outreach (large scale, research, and special event web sites may need to be contracted out for a fee). Note that we provide a standard template for site design based on the UC Davis web templates (specialized design projects may need to be contracted out for a fee).
  • Site setup in the campus web content management system (CMS) SiteFarm
  • Assistance for faculty using the faculty website network (campus Wordpress implementation for faculty websites)
  • Limited assistance with database programming for administration

Other services may be available in individual departments (contact one of your designated support team members listed below for more information).

To request IT assistance please email


Faculty, staff, and students in Animal Science and Nutrition should contact representatives from the below. 

Jennifer Ruhe
IT Manager
3113 Meyer Hall
Office: (530) 752-4650, Cell: (530) 304-5578, 

Romeo Capell
Systems Administrator/IT Help Desk
1259 Meyer Hall
Office: (530) 752-2681, Cell: (530) 304-9062,

Jason Vo
IT Help Desk, Web Services
1253 Meyer Hall
Office (530) 752-2328, Cell:(530) 219-9017,

Joanne Vo
IT Help Desk, Web Services
1259 Meyer Hall
754-1527, 530-304-7721 (Cell)

Alex Zingorenko
Systems Administrator/IT Help Desk
3111 Meyer Hall
Office: (530) 752-4534, Cell: (530) 219-6382,

In addition to the above Food Chain Cluster IT group staff, Dr. Abbas Ahmadi provides specialized programming and IT project services to faculty in Animal Science only.

Abbas Ahmadi, Ph.D,
Animal Science Programmer/Analyst
1257 Meyer Hall
Office: (530) 752-5886,