Human Resources & Payroll (CA&ES DiSSC)

CA&ES Distributed Shared Services Center for HR and Payroll (DiSSC)

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences provides a distributed shared service center called DiSSC to manage the Human Resource and Payroll functions for all departments and units within the college.  DiSSC employees are housed in the departments and units they serve so there is a human resources team physically present to address departmental needs.  DiSSC provides support for human resources and payroll services for staff and student positions.  Faculty will continue to work with their local academic personnel specialist for all academic needs.  Information about the DiSSC team assigned to the Food Chain Cluster is below.

HR & Payroll Support

The DiSSC team uses an online case management system called AggieService.  Users can submit human resources and payroll questions and requests via email to or by visiting the AggieService website.

Food Chain Cluster UC Path – DiSSC HR & Payroll Support Team

Marilyn Martinez
Payroll & Personnel Specialist
2220B Meyer Hall, 530-752-1717
Meyer Hall Hours: Wed 8-12, 1-5


Lina Wilkinson
HR Analyst, CA&ES DiSSC
2255 Meyer Hall, 530-752-7976
Meyer Hall Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5:30