IT Help Desk

Do you work in Animal Science or Nutrition and need IT support?
It’s Easy! Just email

The Food Chain Cluster IT team provides IT support for the departments of Animal Science and Nutrition.  We use an online ticketing system for managing tech support requests for the cluster. Use of the ticket system helps us to appropriately prioritize requests for support in our cluster and make sure no requests fall through the cracks. Information on how to use the ticket system to submit a request for IT support is below.

How to use the ticket system to submit a request for IT support

Using the system is very easy! All you have to do is email requests for IT support to (attachments are OK). Of course, if you have an urgent request (must be completed under 4 hours or something similar), please either call or come by in person to one of our Help Desk offices in 1253 Meyer (752-2328) and 1259 Meyer (754-1527).

Examples of issues one would submit a ticket for by emailing might include:

  • Need help connecting to a departmental printer
  • Want a new user account for a new employee
  • Want to order new computer/peripheral/accessory/software application
  • Need help installing, configuring, or using software or hardware
  • Need assistance with a non-mission critical computer or software application not functioning correctly
  • Can’t access particular website and would like access in next couple of days
  • Want to create a new or modify an existing mailing list
  • Have a non-mission critical question about how a system or application works
  • Can’t print, but have other options for printing until resolved

Examples of urgent issues where it is preferable users call or stop by might include:  

  • Need assistance with any IT issue that is preventing you from meeting a critical same-day deadline
  • Network is down
  • Email is not working
  • Malfunctioning AV equipment while you are teaching or holding a meeting
  • Your computer will not power on or you can’t log on
  • Can’t print and have no other options for printing
  • You have multiple complex questions about a non-mission critical IT issue, which would be more efficiently discussed in person or on phone
  • Can’t access particular website and urgently need access within next few hours
  • Computer or peripheral is making a loud noise
  • Cyber-safety event (possible hacking, virus, or malware)

Notification Emails

As work is completed on your ticket you will receive automated emails updating you on the status of your request. After the ticket is resolved you may occasionally receive a survey request to evaluate services. These surveys will help us identify any areas where we can improve and also see what we are doing right, but note that responding to the surveys is completely optional.  

We are using the centralized UCD campus ticketing system (ServiceNow).  Because we are using the shared campus system, when you submit a ticket by emailing you will receive an auto-reply from the system that will say it is from “UC Davis Service Desk.” This is just a superficial, general label for all emails sent from the ticket system, which is used by many different departments on campus. To be clear, requests for help emailed to are configured in the system to route directly to the Food Chain IT team members.

Since these emails come from a more commonly forged “from” name (UC Davis Service Desk), please always remember that we (IT staff) will never ask you for your password. Please be sure to never respond to any email that looks like it is from “UC Davis Service Desk” asking for your password or other personal information via response to the email or by clicking on a link contained in the message (we will never ask you for that information).

Snapshots of example emails to/from the system are below.  


Sample Email to for request:

Sample Email 1

Sample Auto-Response from Ticket System:

Sample Auto-Response